Background training in facilitating retreats

Alison has completed the Bodhi College Teacher Training Programme. This extensive three-year programme included study, teacher led talks, peer discussion, peer practice and feedback and regular mentoring with faculty.  As part of the training Alison assisted and co-taught several retreats, particularly for teachers in contemporary mindfulness communities. Alison continues to teach retreats each year in conjunction with training programmes delivered by The Mindfulness Network, University of Oxford Mindfulness Training and Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (12 month teacher training programme) .


Online retreat: Deepening and extending the foundations of mindfulness

This online retreat provides a wonderful opportunity to practice in a supported and sustained way within community whilst taking practice into the heart of one’s home environment. The retreat structure, teaching process and learning community of fellow participants and teachers provide a scaffold to engage in an individual and collective exploration of human experience, supportive of a deepening understanding of mindfulness as a way of being in the world.

The retreat will be structured around perspectives on the four ways of establishing mindfulness from Buddhist psychology and an exploration of four heart qualities known as the Brahmaviharas in Buddhist psychology and as the Four Friends for Life in mainstream mindfulness approaches.

six-days 7th – 12th December 2024



Online retreat for mindfulness-based supervisors: Drinking deeply from the well of mindfulness together.

This online retreat is held over five days. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen your personal mindfulness practice alongside other experienced supervisors, as well as exploring mindfulness-based supervision within a retreat context. There will be some interpersonal mindfulness practice, encouraging us to bring mindful awareness to our experience of interacting with one other, as we contemplate themes around mindfulness-based supervision.

five-days  12th – 16th January 2025




Header image courtesy of Caitlin Evans