About mindfulness-based supervision

“A regular space that is contracted between supervisor and supervisee, which enables reflection on the supervisee’s mindfulness teaching practice and how this interfaces with their personal mindfulness practice and their life. The process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding, integrity, safety and effectiveness of the supervisee’s application of mindfulness, both personally and in their working life.” Cindy Cooper and Jody Mardula 2016

Mindfulness-based supervision is an important part of the training to become a mindfulness teacher and also ongoing good practice. It includes a whole range of themes and experiences of teaching: the skills, responding to the individuals within the group, holding the group process, developing and sustaining a personal mindfulness practice, exploring the links between practice and teaching, understanding the underpinning theories, holding all of this within different contexts and taking care to include and welcome everyone. The main process of supervision is via a relational inquiry process. For more detail, see the paper, A Framework for Supervision for Mindfulness-Based Teachers: a Space for Embodied Mutual Inquiry, that Alison developed through her MSc studies. The framework has undergone further development. Alison researched supervision further through her Doctorate in Clinical Research with her thesis; Supervisors’ and Supervisees’ Perspectives of Mindfulness-Based Supervision: A Grounded Theory Study with subsequent publication; What Do Supervisors’ and Supervisees’ Think About Mindfulness‑Based Supervision? A Grounded Theory Study.



Alison’s Mindfulness Network supervisor profile

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Apply for supervision with Alison

Alison offers one-to-one supervision via zoom, for mindfulness-based teachers, and supra-vision (supervision of supervision) for mindfulness-based supervisors. She is also able to supervise small groups. Please see The Mindfulness Network website for more information and to apply.




Apply for group supra-vision with Alison


Alison offers group supra-vision sessions for mindfulness-based supervisors. Groups supra-vsion takes place in blocks of 4 sessions each lasting 90 minutes. There is a maximum of four supervisors in the group. The cost will depend on numbers (e.g if 4 people are attending the cost will be £120 for the block).


The next available block of sessions is:

Thursday 19th September 2024

Thursday 31st October 2024

Thursday 21st November 2024

Thursday 19th December 2024

at 12.00 – 13.30 (UK time)

Please contact Alison if you are interested in joining

“I experienced the space of group supra-vison with Alison and my fellow group members as a beautiful gift. Hearing other voices and perspectives enriched my understanding. I left each session filled with new ideas and a sense of gratitude.”




Train to be a supervisor

Mindfulness-based supervision training is one of Alison’s specialist areas of interest and experience. Alison has been instrumental in developing a supervsisor training pathway for mindfulness-based supervisors which is delivered through The Mindfulness Network. Alison has made some short videos to describe the whole pathway and the individual events. The supervisor training pathway includes: mindfulness-based supervision training (level 1), mindfulness-based supervision training (level 2), supra-vision (supervision of supervision – either 1:1 or in a group) and a retreat designed specifically for mindfulness-based supervisors.





Publications on mindfulness-based supervision by Alison


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