It feels fantastic to see the publication of my research about mindfulness-based supervision (MBS) in the Mindfulness journal, What Do Supervisors’ and Supervisees’ Think About Mindfulness-Based Supervision? A Grounded Theory Study. Many thanks to my co-authors, Gemma Griffith from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and Janet Smithson from the University of Exeter. As far as we are aware it is the first data-derived research into MBS.

This qualitative study explores the perspectives of supervisors and supervisees to identify helpful and unhelpful processes within MBS. A conceptual model was developed from the analysis which is presented in the paper as the relational inquiry within mindfulness-based supervision (RIMBS) model. It identifies the relational inquiry as being a core process within MBS, characterised by ways of speaking, listening, and pausing.

I hope that this paper will be of interest and supportive to mindfulness-based supervisors and supervisees, anyone training others to teach mindfulness and those working to encourage good practice in the field. I see MBS as a vital part of good practice and holding the integrity of teaching mindfulness. It also opens so much potential for growth and development.

Read the full paper here:

Blog first published by The Mindfulness Network 29 February 2024